I allow myself to be guided by intuition and the work itself. 
It can create interest, inspiration, celebrate relaxation, or annoyance; my artwork travels between uncomfortable and contemplative, addressing and exploring long lasting imprint of a human being, much influenced by the events. 

Freedom to work creatively between many mediums results in my artwork puts an emphasis on the colour and frame. Photography and body movement (performance art) are established forms in my projects. inspired by stories, words, nature, extensive shapes, and very petite ones, my imagination extract those and create compositions exploring the social and the cultural influences.  
colour is also adopted under these affiliations. 
I play with elements, mood, sound, and a space, often with found objects. This leads to installations, moving image, sculpture, figurative and abstract painting. 
Some elements travel and transform throughout the projects.
My artworks often resonate with the audience after traumatic events. As much as I often employ art as a re-balancing element, I also transfer my art and design, together with psychology knowledge, to create activity art workshops with integrated lectures. 
individual and collective; trauma, pain and a diversity, draws most of my reflections in artwork,, which often leads to activism art, however this is not the rule. 

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